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The Impact of intervention in
the Housing Market

The Impact of intervention in the Housing
Market – Valuer’s Perspective

This presentation outlines the holistic approach to Government incentives for the housing market. It looks at the guidance to valuers on how to deal with incentives, so that sets the parameters as to what a valuer can do within his regulated framework. It also introduces some reality, that one-size does not necessarily fit all, especially in a dysfunctional housing market. This is all related to a case study in the north of England in an attempt to put it all in perspective.

The case study was set at a time when Help to Buy was stimulating the new build market and provided a dilemma for valuers when the second-hand market did not support the price rises on new property. This situation is not uncommon even without the Help to Buy stimulus and this example highlights some of the issues that need to be considered to produce a valuation rationale.


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