Certification Scheme for
Residential Surveyors

Providing support to surveyors & quality assurance for homebuyers

This certification scheme is for residential surveyors looking to produce the Home Condition Survey (HCS) for their clients.

The HCS is a report for homebuyers who want an independent survey of a property before they buy to help protect their investment.

To view a sample of the Home Condition Survey

To find out more about the HCS please visit our HCS Consumer Website.

A condition report that can be used by all residential surveyors

The Scheme is open to residential Chartered Surveyors (Associate, Members and Fellows of RICS) and surveyors who hold either the Diploma in Home Inspection or the Diploma in Residential Surveying and Valuation.

To find out more about training part-time to become a surveyor please visit our Diploma in Residential Surveying and Valuation section.

"The regular technical bulletins keep Sava members up to date with new developments, technical advice and latest research. It also provides a dialogue where surveyors can give feedback and ask questions to technical experts or indeed the wider surveying community"

Malcolm Scott Mascot Property Services Ltd

Benefits of joining the Scheme

The Scheme builds upon Sava’s reputation as a champion of residential,
property surveying standards. Our quality assurance procedures are thorough
to guarantee consumer confidence in Home Condition Surveys.
To speak to us about joining the scheme please call us on 01908 442105 or complete the form below.


  • Easy to understand report, full of photos The HCS is a jargon-free, customer-friendly condition report. The HCS does not include a valuation.
  • Intuitive software Easy-to-use report writing software available 24/7, supported by a library of free factsheets that you can add to the report to add value for your client.
  • On demand technical support Access to a dedicated technical support team to answer your queries – whether they are about our software systems or about a HCS.

  • Technical Bulletins and knowledge library You will receive regular copies of our Sava Technical Bulletins keeping you up-to-date on legal, valuation and technical issues around surveying property. You’ll also have access to Sava EDGE, an online technical resource.
  • Monitoring and compliance support We check a proportion of your surveys, feeding back to you any issues where the survey could be improved. This improves the overall quality to your customer, as well as lowering the risk of a claim against you.

Download Issue 28

April 2018 Sava / BlueBox Technical Bulletin

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How To Join

To join the Certification Scheme for Residential Surveyors get in touch with our team on 01908 442105 or email membership@sava.co.uk. Alternatively, fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.