News & Events: Code for Sustainable Homes 2010 goes live

The 2010 Technical Guide for the Code for Sustainable Homes has now been published. It replaces the May 2009 Version 2 Technical Guidance. You can access (a) a summary of the changes, (b) the transitional arrangements and (c) the full Guide by clicking here.

For NHER and SAVA members, copies are also held in the Useful Documents section of NES one.

A crucial point is that: “In all cases, developments registered against the May 2009 V2 or previous scheme versions will be required to use SAP 2005 to assess energy performance, regardless of the requirements of Part L.”

This means that you can continue to use NHER Plan Assessor 4 to produce approved Code outputs where dwellings complied with Building Regulations using NHER Plan Assessor 4.

NHER Plan Assessor 5 already contains the key outputs required to support a 2010 Code submission, using the DER worksheet and FEE outputs, although the ENE calculations must be done seperately. We will be adding a full Code Report and on-screen outputs in a future release of NHER Plan Assessor 5.

The Guide confirms that the HLP in ENE2 is being replaced by the FEE, and that for flats/maisonettes block average FEE values are acceptable. The proposal to change and rename ‘ENE7: LZCT’ to ‘ENE3 Renewables’ has been dropped, so ENE7 remains essentially as currently defined.