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Diploma in Residential Surveying & Valuation in Scotland

Unique Diploma that gains you AssocRICS now launched

The Diploma - adapted for the Scottish home buying and selling process

We've successfully been training and qualifying new surveyors in England and Wales for the last 4 years. We're now bringing the Diploma to Scotland, but with careful amendments to adapt it to the Scottish market.

  • Construction and Building Pathology The Construction and Building Pathology modules cover the unique features and issues of Scottish housing. The Diploma will cover Scottish building regulations, Scottish construction types and specific features of the local Scottish environment and their impacts on building fabric.
  • Law and Valuation The Law and Valuation modules address the home buying and selling process in Scotland, specifically tailored to the different legal system in Scotland, and the regulations that cover housing.
  • The Single Survey report Learners will use the Single Survey report, and will compile 10 reports that will be assessed as part of their portfolio. Other condition reports that are typically commissioned by home buyers will also be covered, as will the application of consistent condition ratings to ensure the fabric and services of the property are graded correctly.
  • The Energy report The Scottish Diploma will also provide the skills to produce RdSAP EPCs, an integral part of being a surveyor in Scotland, and you will gain the Level 3 Diploma in Domestic Energy Assessment in addition to the Level 6 Diploma in Residential Surveying & Valuation.

We welcome Sava bringing their vocational Diploma to Scotland. Sava diploma graduates with AssocRICS status would be an excellent resource to undertake lender valuations and single surveys

Paul Cutbill FRICS, Head of Professional Development, Countrywide Surveyors

2.57 million

The number of residential properties in Scotland in 2016 (Scottish Government, published Oct 17)


Diploma pricing

The investment required is £13,950, including VAT (£11,625 net of VAT).

With many universities charging in excess of £9,000 per year for a full-time undergraduate degree, the Sava surveying diploma offers a competitive alternative for those who wish to study part-time.

Monthly finance options are also available through Deko. For more information on how you can spread your payments over a number of years please talk to one of our Course Advisors on 01908 442158.

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How long does it take?

The training takes 12 months, and once this is complete you move onto assessment. We encourage learners to take no longer than 12 months in assessment, and whilst some learners complete in as little as 6 months, 12 months is more realistic.

So overall, the diploma takes 24 months to complete.

Opportunities once you've qualified with the Diploma

The Diploma has been purposely designed to create competent surveyors and valuers, through its mix of learning and assessment. Once qualified, you are ready to join a surveying practice and start earning fees. Everyone's ambitions and abilities will be different, but as a Diploma graduate you will have the following opportunities open to you.

  • Valuations You will be able to undertake valuations for both lender purposes, as well as for private valuations for probate, matrimonial disputes and investment purposes.
  • The Home Report and Single Survey Associate members of the RICS, specifically trained as competent surveyors through the Diploma, will be able to undertake the Single Survey and Energy Report for the Home Report when properties are put on the market for sale.
  • Other condition reports for home buyers You will be able to produce the RICS Home Buyer Report for home buyers looking for a condition report on their property. With further experience, and operating within your own levels of competency, you will also be able to produce building surveys and other detailed reports.
  • Expand your opportunities as a Surveyor, and within the RICS Becoming a Residential Surveyor and Valuer is a professional career. Once you are an Associate Member of RICS practising as a surveyor, you will be able to advance your career by undertaking surveys on ever more complex properties, as well as gaining additional skills in specialist subjects such as historic buildings or valuations for investment portfolios. You will be able to advance to be a full Chartered Member of RICS.

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