What is AssocRICS and how does it differ from MRICS and FRICS?.

Original Article
May 14th, 2017


Qualified RICS members are recognised by these designatory letters that are awarded on a combination of qualifications and experience:

  • Associate members may use “AssocRICS” after their names (previously members at this level were known as Technical Members and used the designation “TechRICS”). [2]
  • Professional Members may use “MRICS” after their names (previously members at this level were known as Professional Associates and used the designation “ARICS”).
  • Fellows may use “FRICS” after their names.

The designatory letters after your name demonstrate where you are in your career. As your career progresses, you can apply to upgrade your membership to ensure it always reflects your current position.

Professional Members and Fellows of RICS are entitled to use the designation “Chartered Surveyor” and variations such as “Chartered Building Surveyor” or “Chartered Quantity Surveyor”, depending on their route of entry to the profession. Fellows are leaders in their field, people who have undertaken notable projects or made a special contribution to the profession. Only professional members who are major achievers in their careers may apply.

AssocRICS members are unable to describe themselves as “Chartered Surveyors” but are able to offer RICS products.

Once an Associate member, it is then possible to begin working your way up to Chartered status. The Sava Diploma in Residential Surveying and Valuation leads to direct entry at RICS Associate Level.