Towards Zero Carbon.

Software, analytics and strategic support to reduce carbon emissions and fuel poverty in housing.

Reducing the energy consumption in housing

Energy used in UK homes contributes 22% of UK carbon emissions1. In 2020 (even before the current fuel crisis), there were an estimated 13.2% of householders (3.16m) in fuel poverty in England2. Sava is focused on helping our customers address these challenges and create better buildings for the future.

Sava has 40 years of deep understanding and experience supporting the UK’s housing sector with analytical software and strategic support to help them meet their carbon reduction and fuel poverty objectives. Over 220 housing providers across the UK use our products and services to manage energy efficiency strategies, covering 3 million homes.

Reference 1: Figure includes heating, hot water, cooking and electricity consumption. BEIS 2017 UK Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Reference 2: Annual Fuel Poverty Statistics Report, 2022 (2020 data), BEIS

Sava Intelligent Energy

Sava Intelligent Energy provides calculation, analysis and improvement planning for reducing energy and carbon in housing. Used by over 220 housing providers throughout the UK, one of the key benefits is that it uses data directly from your asset management system.

  • Calculate performance
  • Deeper insights
  • Use only trusted data
  • Set regulatory targets
  • Improvement planning
  • Optimise your investment


Analytics and strategic support

We analyse data, assist with zero carbon goals, and provide strategic advice and research.

Tackling fuel poverty is now more urgent than at any time in recent history. For many housing providers, understanding their data and establishing current performance is the first stage of the energy efficiency and zero carbon strategy. 

Sava’s consultancy services are focussed on helping our customers address these challenges and create better buildings for the future.


Free Technical Webinars

Sava provides free 1 hour webinars which have been designed to improve your knowledge of energy analysis and maximise the value you get from our software.

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Featured Team Members

Dr Lisa Blake

Head of Technical (Energy)

Paul Wolfe, Sava's Director of Software, photographed in the Sava offices are,

Paul Wolfe

Software Development Director

Neil Cutland, Sava's Consultancy Director, photographed in the Sava offices

Dr Neil Cutland

Consultancy Director