This vocational qualification is designed for existing building surveyors and building engineers who want to gain the knowledge and skills to be able to offer residential valuations.

Residential valuations in the UK are required for mortgage lending, as well as for probate, investment decisions, tax, and matrimonial disputes.

Currently there is no qualification available for existing building surveyors or building engineers who have deep understanding of residential building construction and pathology but have no valuation skills. This certificate will be a mix of both training and assessment. Candidates will carry out valuations on a variety of real properties employing a range of valuation techniques to demonstrate that as well as having the requisite valuation knowledge, they can consistently apply that knowledge. In this way, the Certification in Valuation is different from just doing CPC learning in valuation.

The Certificate will lead to entry into the RICS’s Registered Valuers Scheme and will have the backing of major employers.

This is currently in development. If you are a potential candidate or a stakeholder with an interest in valuation, please drop an email to Hilary Grayson, Sava’s Director of Surveying Services.