Nina Young – Sava Learner.

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March 8th, 2022


At Sava we are continuing to celebrate International Women’s Day and showcasing case studies from inspirational women in the property field.

A Sava learner we can celebrate is Nina Young currently on our Diploma in Residential Surveying and Valuation. Nina previously ran a digital marketing and recruitment business within the premium drinks industry for 10 years. She now provides digital marketing services to an array of clients, specialising in the property and surveying industry under the name Watership Surveyors – surveying and marketing consultancy. This includes social media, communications, SEO, branding, Google Ads and website review. She is also a Chartered Accountant (FCA) where her main experience is within risk management and auditing.

Q) What made you consider a career in residential surveying?

A) I first considered being a surveyor when I was at school, but it wasn’t an attractive industry for women and it appeared quite old fashioned. I love property, ever since my grandma took me to see my first stately home at the age of nine. I’ve also done a small number of property renovations.

It is the flexibility, working outdoors and the variety that appeals to me. I also enjoy interacting with people and providing a service that can help someone with the biggest purchase of their life. My risk and audit background also helps me as it is about identifying risks and issues and reporting on them, sometimes with recommendations.

Q) What is it in particular that drew you to Sava and the Diploma in Residential Surveying and Valuation?

A) The ability to juggle my businesses and study at the same time. The way the course is delivered allows those working full time to undertake the course. This is invaluable. It is also very appealing to those without an obvious property background.

Q) Would you recommend the Diploma in Residential Surveying and Valuation to others looking to pursue a new career? (If so, why?)

A) Yes, definitely. It is an intensive course and does require commitment, but the delivery and content are brilliant. The lecturers and the way the course is structured is of high quality. It is all things residential surveying and valuation.

Q) What would you say has been the highlight of the qualification process so far?

A) I have enjoyed the course content and meeting so many students from different backgrounds. The main highlight for me was establishing the Student Surveyor Group – Building Surveying & Valuation on Facebook last year. I set this up as I saw the lack of an online community dedicated purely to building surveying and valuation students. This has grown very quickly off with over 1300 members so far and is supported by Sava and several universities. We also welcome surveyors and valuers to join who are happy to provide support to students.

 Q) What tips would you give learners who go through the process?

A) Network with your fellow students. It makes such a difference when you are studying at home or remotely and having a support group helps. Also, never be afraid to ask questions. Whether that be with lecturers, the Sava support team or other students. Everyone is in the same boat and sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming, but talking to others can put things into perspective.

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Find the Student surveyor group here.