New qualifications to boost social housing skills.

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June 27th, 2024


Skills, insights and analytics provider, Sava is launching new range of self-paced, online qualifications to expand skills in the social housing sector.

Aimed at those responsible for the safety and well-being of tenants, as well as employees responsible for keeping physical housing assets in good repair, Sava’s new qualifications provide crucial information on topics ranging from foundations to roofs and everything in between. They are taught as separate, easy-to-study modules and can be stacked together to build larger qualifications. These qualifications are mapped to allow membership to the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) at technical level.

Sava’s new offering follows the proposed introduction of the Social Housing Regulation Act 2023 which will require decision makers to be qualified to Level 4 or 5. The act includes a focus on increasing skills in the social housing sector after tragedies such as the Grenfell fire and the death of Awaab Ishak.

Hilary Grayson, Director at Sava, said: “It’s everyone’s right to live in safe, secure and dry accommodation and we believe our new qualifications will give social housing managers the skills to provide this consistently.  

“Housing stock also has considerable value, so the correct skills are needed to manage it properly. Unlike any other qualifications available, we believe our syllabus will help to keep physical housing assets in good repair in a post-Grenfell environment. 

“The modules are ideal for both those in tenant-facing roles who understand the benefits of communicating more clearly and efficiently with the asset side of a housing provider. They are designed to empower those in tenant-facing roles, equipping them to explain issues more effectively to customers and liaise efficiently with maintenance and repair teams. For professionals on the asset side of housing, these qualifications provide an opportunity to build their skills and pave the way to a professional certification. We are confident that enhanced knowledge across all housing teams will lead to improved services for tenants and long-term cost savings by ensuring repairs are identified early and completed swiftly.”    

Sava is seeking to partner with early adopters of the qualifications to gain feedback on qualification development and delivery. To find out more about joining the pilot group, please contact Hilary Grayson on 01908 442244 or at

Hit the link to read more about our qualifications for social housing professionals.