CABE – Chartered Association of Building Engineers.

Chartered Association of Building Engineers

The Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) is a professional body for building engineers in the United Kingdom and overseas.

Building Engineers operate across the life-cycle of the built environment encompassing the design, build, maintenance and repurposing of the spaces and places where we live, work and interact.

What makes a Building Engineer?  According to CABE…

A Building Engineer is a competent, professionally qualified, experienced individual with a critical understanding of the interaction of buildings and people. Building Engineers collaborate to deliver better outcomes for everyone.

CABE has a number of membership grades: Student; Technician; Graduate, Chartered Member, Member Chartered Building Engineer, Fellow Chartered Building Engineer. Sava is an academic partner of CABE, and Sava’s diplomas in residential surveying (with and without valuation) are accredited, allowing graduates to join as an Associate Member. 

Being a member of CABE gives you access to a range of benefits, such as CPD training, conferences and journals, and the recognition of being a certified competent professional.