• Increasing skills and knowledge within residential surveying

  • We provide education, technology and professional services to help look after the UK’s 29 million homes.

    Why Making Buildings Better is important to us

    There are 29 million residential properties in the UK. Combined, their worth is valued at over £7.4 trillion. They are a national asset of the highest social and economic importance.

    And yet we have many challenges – in addition to affordability and adequate supply, the quality of our homes can be greatly improved. Energy efficiency and the impact on climate change, the affordability of keeping warm, providing a safe and hazard free environment, and their adaption to increased summertime overheating are just some of the issues that we need to tackle.

    Sava is helping to make buildings better, principally through increasing skills and knowledge, and providing technology to analyse their performance and make recommendations for improvement.

    1 Savills, 12 March 2021

    Residential properties in the UK

    UK carbon emissions that come from the heat and hot water we use in our homes

    £7.4 trillion
    Combined worth of
    residential properties in the UK

    We are Sava

    We are a team of building physicists and engineers, software developers, surveyors and business management specialists and for 40 years we have been Making Buildings Better.




    Providing warm, safe homes with low energy requirements has never been so relevant. Our purpose is to create innovative qualifications and software that empower people and organisations to make a positive impact towards Making Buildings Better.”

    Austin Baggett
    Managing Director, Sava