Tackling the issue of homelessness in Milton Keynes.

Original Article
February 9th, 2021


Logos for The Bus Shelter MK and Al Fikr

At Sava we believe in making buildings better. However, it is not lost upon the Sava team that the betterment of buildings is only an issue for those who have access to properties in the first place.

According to research from MK community foundation, homelessness has become a major issue in our very own community, with 1 in every 117 people in Milton Keynes classed as homeless. With alarming statistics such as this, it’s comforting to know that there are a host of local charities in the area helping to tackle the issue at hand.

In this article we focus on two Milton Keynes based charities; The Bus Shelter MK and Al-Fikr.

The Bus Shelter MK

The Bus Shelter MK provide shelter, food and support for individuals who are rough sleepers looking to make the right progress towards a life of independence away from the streets. They have a unique bus which has been converted into a safe 24/7 shelter and has helped over 230 homeless people in the last two years.


Al-Fikr was founded to inspire acts of kindness and ease hardships for all those experiencing distress. One of the key projects they are working on is helping the homeless in the UK, in particular Milton Keynes. As part of this project the charity helps to feed the homeless every week, provide essentials such as clothing and sanitary products and help them get permanent homes.

Sava is pleased to be supporting these two local charities in their exceptional efforts to provide the basic necessities to the less fortunate. The Sava team decided to donate our would-be Christmas meal expenses to the two charities.

Sava’s donation to The Bus Shelter MK will help with landscaping costs for the charity’s new long-term home in Stantonbury enabling them to continue their excellent efforts in supporting the homeless. The donation to Al-Fikr will enable the charity to provide a further 3-4 months of home cooked meals to the homeless.

To find out more about the charities we are supporting please click the links below: