How Soha Housing is using Sava Intelligent Energy.

Original Article
July 3rd, 2023


This month, Inside Housing published a case study detailing how Soha Housing is using Sava Intelligent Energy to help them reach their zero carbon goals.

Prior to implementing Sava Intelligent Energy, Soha had been compiling energy performance data from a range of siloed sources, which made it difficult to formulate a big picture narrative…. some data was kept in Excel spreadsheets or in files, so [staff] would have to dig it out. It was a very complicated and convoluted process.”

However, the new intelligent solution consolidates all stock information on their asset management system (Aareon UK) – such as asset reports, repairs, planned maintenance and Energy Performance Certificates – into a coherent suite of data, which is updated in real time. This gives Soha a detailed view of how each home is performing in terms of the current Standard Assessment Procedure and EPC ratings.

You can read the full case study here.