Learner Case Study: Felicity O’Kelly.

Original Article
March 2nd, 2017


Diploma Learner, Milton Keynes – Sept 2016

Felicity enrolled on the Sava Diploma in Residential Surveying and Valuation in September 2016 and is currently attending at our training centre in Milton Keynes. Felicity currently works as a domestic and commercial energy assessor, but is looking for a more flexible and rewarding career – without giving up what she loves.

“I realised when I started my role as an energy assessor around 10 years ago, how much I enjoyed inspecting property and thought I would have loved to have become a surveyor. It was only when Sava announced their courses in surveying that I thought it could become a possibility. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed studying. The two Building Pathology days have been my favourites so far.”

Unlike many of the students studying with the Sava, Felicity is making the transition into residential surveying later in her working career, and is seeking a role that fits around her lifestyle.

“I am currently 54 (probably the oldest in my class); however, I don’t expect to retire until my mid-to-late 70s. I need self-employment where I can go away in the winter for a couple of months when the market is quiet and spend my time travelling.”

When asked if she would recommend the Sava diploma to others, Felicity says:

“Definitely. This is a superb opportunity to start a career in a profession which has a future.”