Damp and Condensation in Residential Buildings.

This qualification provides knowledge and understanding relating to damp and condensation in residential buildings. It includes the signs and symptoms of damp and condensation, the risks they may pose, and how these could be remedied.

Learning Outcomes

  • The different forms of water and how it behaves and affects residential buildings, such as understanding the various defects water may cause and the impact on the health and wellbeing of occupants
  • Sources of water in residential buildings, including looking at the various ways water can enter a building such as rising damp. Exploring how good construction detailing minimises water related problems
  • Understanding damp and condensation in residential buildings, including causes of condensation, why changes in moisture content affect building materials, how hygroscopic materials can affect moisture in buildings, and the associated risks with condensation such as mould and health issues
  • The process of collecting physical information about a dwelling to assess damp and moisture, including visual inspection, use of moisture meters and thermal imaging, measuring relative humidity and air quality testing
  • Understanding the implications for property owners who fail to manage moisture in buildings, such as health issues, the impact on property value and saleability, increased maintenance costs and legal & liability issues


Construction and Pathology

40 hours

Qualification name:
Damp and Condensation in Residential Buildings

Qualification type:
Ofqual recognised Level 4 Award, Self-paced Building Surveying Qualification

£495.00 + VAT


Who the qualification is designed for

  • Those involved with repair and maintenance
  • Those involved in managing property and tenants
  • Those who need a better understanding of ‘bricks and mortar’ issues

How the qualification is delivered

  • Through our bespoke online learning platform
  • Complete flexibility as to where and when you undertake your learning
  • You can enrol on this course at any time and work through the content at your own pace
  • Includes a suite of additional and recommended learning resources (such as University of the West of England construction resources and BRE online library)

How the qualification is assessed

  • After you have completed the learning, there are structured questions to demonstrate the knowledge attained

How much the qualification costs

  • The cost of the award is £495+VAT. This includes all online training material, the assessment and the Level 4 Award