Pitched Roofs for Housing Professionals.

This qualification provides knowledge and understanding relating to pitched roofs. It covers legislation and regulation relating to working on and/or in roof spaces including any hazards associated with this. It also looks at different coverings, failure of the material used and ventilation. It will explain how to manage risks, including fire risks, whether this is from external sources or from within the same building.

Learning outcomes

  • The detailing of pitched roof coverings, including considerations and commonly used materials
  • The common reasons for the failure of pitched roof coverings and the relevant legislation, regulation and guidance to take into account relating to inspecting a roof and life expectancy of the materials used in pitch roofs
  • The hazards that may be present during a roof inspection and how a risk assessment is used to identify and mitigate risks
  • How the inadequate design of roof structure can lead to potential risks that may compromise the structural integrity of roofs
  • The role pitched roofs have in fire safety
  • The difference between a warm and a cold roof, how they are ventilated and the risks associated with inappropriate ventilation


Construction and Pathology

30 hours

Qualification name:
Understanding Pitched Roofs for Housing Professionals

Qualification type::
Ofqual recognised Level 4 Award

£495.00 + VAT


Who the qualification is designed for

  • Those involved with repair and maintenance
  • Those involved in managing property and tenants
  • Those who need a better understanding of ‘bricks and mortar’ issues

How the qualification is delivered

  • Through our bespoke online learning platform
  • Complete flexibility as to where and when you undertake your learning
  • You can enrol on this course at any time and work through the content at your own pace
  • Includes a suite of additional and recommended learning resources (such as University of the West of England construction resources and BRE online library)

How the qualification is assessed

  • After you have completed the learning, there are structured questions to demonstrate the knowledge attained

How much the qualification costs

  • The cost of the award is £495+VAT. This includes all online training material, the assessment and the Level 4 Award