Sava Intelligent Energy: Supporting River Clyde Homes.

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March 27th, 2023


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Based in Scotland, River Clyde Homes (RCH) are an affordable housing provider that owns and manages a housing stock of over 6,000 homes. RCH are seeking to gain a better understanding of their housing stock and potential improvement options, which Sava is able to assist with through our analytics and consulting services.

What did River Clyde Homes want to achieve?

Before working with Sava, RCH did not have trust in the data for their housing stock, with information coming from multiple sources like previous asset management system extracts and gas boiler surveys. This meant that no single source could be trusted, with their new asset management system provider quoting a timescale of months to get up and running.

The aim was to consolidate as much data as possible for the 6,000+ properties and turn it into a dataset where they all meet a minimum requirement to return energy performance calculations.

What were the outcomes?

After the project was initially forecasted for completion by the end of January, Sava were pleased to deliver on RCH’s goals by the middle of the month, over the course of five weeks. Providing RCH with an energy performance calculating data set. This was achieved by using multiple internal sources and the Energy Performance Certificate Register. This allowed a populated copy of Sava’s Intelligent Energy software tool to be created for their stock.

The following was returned to RCH:

  • 6,000+ properties in Sava’s Intelligent Energy
  • SAP and Environmental Impact Rating (carbon) ratings for 6,000+ properties
  • Final dataset in a format to be uploaded into their asset management system

Additionally, half a day of training on Sava’s Intelligent Energy was delivered to help RCH best utilise the software for future planning and building improvement opportunities.

Housing stock

What are the next steps?

Asset Management Officer, Lorna Mooney, outlined the plans for RCH moving forward:

“Our next steps are to have our stock surveyed, and to update and cleanse our data to ensure robust and reliable data for reporting.”

The information returned to RCH on their housing stock will be used to assist in their Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) reporting which they must submit to the Scottish Housing Regulator. Whilst Sava’s Intelligent Energy software will support in their planning towards the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH) milestones.

Working with Sava to drive housing stock improvements

When asked how she found her experience with Sava, Lorna said the following:

“I have found working with Sava to be a pleasurable experience, the advice and support we have received has been invaluable.

Sava have made a significant difference to the whole process and its time scales. We are under pressure to have reliable figures for reporting purposes and Sava have assisted us with that by the way they have processed and analysed the data we provided to produce easily accessible reports.

We would certainly recommend Sava services.”

Mark Sreeves, Technical Sales Manager at Sava, is pleased with the progress made by RCH commenting:

“Having previously worked with Duncan Smith, River Clyde’s Senior Energy & Sustainability Manager, to implement Sava’s Intelligent Energy it showed his confidence in us and our software to undertake a similar project at River Clyde. We look forward to working with Duncan and his colleagues to help them achieve their carbon and energy efficiency objectives.”

How can Sava help your organisation?

If you would like to find out more about how Sava can help analyse housing stock data, assist with zero carbon goals or provide strategic advice and research, please contact us at or read more here: