Conservatories in RdSAP.

Original Article
February 11th, 2018


Conservatory measurements should only be included in the RdSAP assessment if it meets the definition of a non-separated conservatory:

“If there is no external quality separation of the conservatory, then it is deemed to be non-separated and a set of data items for RdSAP is required for input. Conservatories are classed as separated if they are partitioned from the main dwelling by the presence of external quality doors.”

When deciding whether a conservatory should be included in the energy assessment, the criterion is the quality of the doors. A conservatory should only be included if it is connected to the main house by interior quality doors, or has no connecting doors at all.

As a rule of thumb, imagine the conservatory would be removed, you then need to ask: “Would the doors offer sufficient protection from the elements?”

An exterior quality door separates the conservatory from the main dwelling thermally.  This is a more substantial door that can be lockable, usually with a good seal to reduce draughts.  

An interior quality door is generally thinner & lighter and does not provide a thermally separate area.

un-separated conservatory measure the glazed perimeter, floor area, glazing type and the storey height relative to the house.
separated unheated conservatory record the conservatory is there, but no measurements taken.
separated heated conservatory record conservatory is there, but no measurements taken.