Hamza Iqbal – Sava Graduate Testimonial.

Original Article
April 8th, 2021


A testimonial from Hamza Iqbal, a Sava Graduate, who has completed the Sava Diploma in Residential Surveying and Valuation

Hamza Iqbal is a 2021 Sava Graduate who previously had been working as a Lettings agent for 2 years before he joined the Sava Diploma in Residential Surveying and Valuation. Below you can read about his experiences.

“I would highly recommend the Sava Diploma to anyone who is considering a career change. The course is taught brilliantly by industry leading professionals, the help offered when needed is second to none. Amazing support from teachers all the way to admin staff. All lessons are taught in depth and no short cuts are taken.”

We asked Hamza what made him want to consider a career in residential surveying, he answered

“The career itself seemed interesting, the benefits of the job and the progression all appealed to me straight away. I think this was the perfect career change for me as no two days are the same when working as a surveyor, and each day is a challenge in a positive way.”

When asked what has been the highlight of the qualification for Hamza, he responded

“My highlight has been the assessment process, it is difficult but once you get going and start bringing all the knowledge learnt from lessons to practise, it’s a brilliant feeling. You feel like you can do it and if you have any issues, you are given a charted surveyor as an assessor and they are open to any questions you may have. You get to go to a property twice provided by Sava, this is great as it gives you a real life feel of the job whilst in learning and again in assessment.”

We asked Hamza what his plans are now that he has qualified, he responded

“Now that I have finished the course, I have secured my first role as a Residential Surveyor and Valuer. I plan to further expand my knowledge and experience in the field, and I aspire to become Charted at some point in the future.”

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