Sava volunteer for the Buckingham Canal Society.

Original Article
June 6th, 2022


Last week the Sava team had a day out of the office when we volunteered for the Buckingham Canal Society, helping to clear and improve the Bourton Meadow site which is part of the Ouse Valley Way.

The team arrived at 10am, put on their hi-vis jackets, collected their shovels and rakes, and headed for the canal where they were greeted by Brian, Athena, and the rest of the volunteer team. After a health & safety notice and a brief history of the Canal Trusts works, it was time for a show round the section of the canal Sava would be working on.

Some of the team helped set up scaffolding for a new PV panel and camera which will capture some of the wildlife and others got their hands dirty while working on the footpath. We had a group trimming back overgrown hedges and another raking weeds out of the canal. The day was fun, tiring, and hard work. And we even made some new friends!

Claire Bowyer who heads up the Wellness Committee at Sava commented

“The team at Sava spent a fantastic day with the Canal Trust supporting with clearing an area of the towpath. We cut back hedges, dredged part of the canal and helped lay the foundations for new benches for the public to use to enjoy the wildlife.

The Canal Trust members (who were also mostly volunteers) were knowledgeable, supportive, and provided a variety of tasks that were suitable for all abilities. It was great to have a day outside, doing physical work and spend time with people in our team and build on friendships. We look forward to spending more days giving back to our local community”.

The Canal Society work tirelessly on this, and other projects and are always looking for volunteers. You can read more about the work that the Buckingham Canal Society do here.