Technical Bulletin Edition 30 Released.

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November 7th, 2018


The latest edition of the Sava/Bluebox Technical Bulletin has been released. This is a great resource for anyone in the residential sector. This edition includes articles such as:

  • Storm Damage and Insurance – This article explores how building insurance policies cover financial loss caused by storm damage and considers the implications for surveyors when reporting on defects and deficiencies.
  • Chimneys and Flues – This article looks at the evolution of the chimney, explores the construction of chimneys and flues and the types of defects that can arise.  It also looks at hygroscopic salts and damp on chimney breasts.
  • Verbal Reporting – In this article, we explore why verbal reporting is so important for clients and can be a crucial element of excellent customer service. But it is a skill that surveyors need to develop, so we give tips for better verbal reporting.  John Wheatley MRICS shares his extensive experience.
  • The Red Book – The RICS Valuation Professional Standards (the Red Book) provides a framework to ensure that valuations are consistent, transparent and produced in accordance with international valuation standards. In this article, Fiona Haggett FRICS looks at the changes for 2018.
  • Liability Caps – We explore what Liability Caps are and how they work. Marion Ellis MRICS brings draws on her expertise as a surveyor and Customer Experience Strategist to explain how they affect clients.
  • Down Valuations – In this article we explain what is meant by ‘Down Valuations’. Chris Rispin FRICS explains what the surveyor is trying to achieve and what a seller can expect.
  • Boiler Plus – The Boiler Plus regulations were introduced in April 2018. Dr Lisa Blank looks at how these regulations affect boiler installations, the technologies promoted by Boiler Plus and the difference between an ErP boiler efficiency and a SEDBUK efficiency.

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