The Best Responses to Our April Fools Article.

Original Article
April 12th, 2016


Did you ‘fool’ for our April Fools article this year? On April 1st, we published an article and new CPD course on ‘Flesh-Eating Knotweed’, a new strain of carnivorous Knotweed, and had a bit of fun courtesy of The Little Shop of Horrors (well done if you got the reference!). We received a number of responses that really made us chuckle, and we wanted to share some of the best (safe for work!) responses we received on the day:

“It may be Friday but I’m not falling for this one!”

“I must admit I would be intrigued to know the course content – would it be a showing of Day of the Triffids?”

“Thank you for this – brightened up a dull day :-)”

“Looks like a case for Agriculture and Property Remedial Intervention Ltd, the number 1 company for all your carnivorous plant control requirements.”

“FEED ME, SEYMOUR! Sign me up for my free CPD at once – I’ll bring a CD of the music so we can sing along while we study. Or mnaybe we should just watch the movie? Thanks for a bright start to the day.”

“Gosh, how interesting! Unfortunately I am unable to attend your course as I am busy on April 31st surveying the spaghetti tree infestation which has made its way over from Southern Italy in seed form trapped in the wheels of European HGVs and is now uprooting many UK properties.”

I, in fact, identified a Flesh-Eating Knotweed plant in my garden and after an epic struggle, zapped it to death with my Disto laser. If you would require me to speak of my experiences on the course, please let me know. My nominal fee would be a mere £1,000,000.00 paid in cash into my Swiss bank account.”

“Good try. Some will fall for it!”

And, indeed, they did! The number of ‘bookings’ for our ‘Identifying and Removing Flesh-Eating Knotweed’ course was in double figures, and if that’s not the measure of a successful April Fools article, we don’t know what is!

Edit: Oh, and we can’t forget our personal favourite: “That’s obviously an April Fools joke…there’s no way the course would be free ;-)”