DQI – The Data Quality Indicator.

The Data Quality Indicator

One of the many challenges housing providers have is an incomplete RdSAP data set for their housing stock. Sava’s DQI helps to identify those homes where more data would lead to more accuracy.

The data quality indicator (DQI) is a measure of the amount of data present for a particular property. A property with just minimum MdSAP dataset would be around 30, a full RdSAP dataset would have a DQI of 100.

Some data items are more important than others in the calculation, e.g. the wall type will have more impact on the SAP rating than a fan-flue. This is taken into account when the DQI is calculated.

In Sava Intelligent Energy you can see the DQI for each individual property, as well as the average DQI for the whole stock, or any filtered subset you are working with.

It’s important that housing providers invest in improving their data, and one way they can do this is set targets for an ever-improving DQI.