BCIS – Integral and Detached Garages.

Original Article
September 10th, 2018


An integral garage is part of the ground floor of a house and is covered by the main roof of the property, whereas an attached garage built against the side a house has its own roof. A detached garage is completely separate from the house.

Integral garages should be entered on B6 (FIGURE 1) and  included in the measurement of the floor area, but require no additional BCIS rebuild cost, the rebuild cost of the integral garage is part of the main house rebuild cost. Detached or attached garages should also be entered on B6 but excluded from the measurement of floor area and a rebuild cost should be entered on the BCIS page (FIGURE 2). If you click on the ‘i’ button next to ‘Garage or car port’ on the BCIS page , you can access the garage re-build costs notes page.

Figure 1

Figure 2