Nest and Hive Thermostats.

Original Article
February 18th, 2018


Smart thermostats represent a huge advance in heating technologies. These new thermostats allow the user to control their heating using smart phone technologies as well as simplifying the process of programming heating. There are numerous smart thermostats now on the market, including the two types below; Hive and Nest.

Manufacturers information regarding the Nest thermostat is as follows.

“The Nest Learning Thermostat is a programmer and thermostat in one. It also connects to the internet to understand the local weather and forecast, and it automatically adjusts to variations with True Radiant. True Radiant is a Nest Learning Thermostat feature that keeps homes with in-floor radiant or boiler-and-radiator systems more comfortable. It reduces temperature swings and starts heating early so you get the temperature you want when you want it. True Radiant will make your heating system run like it always should have – according to your schedule. No more guessing and turning the heating on hours earlier than you need it.”

Types of smart thermostat such as Nest, Tado or Hive, turn the heating on earlier in cold weather as well as later in milder weather. They are known as optimum start thermostats and are more sophisticated than delayed start thermostats which are only able to delay the heating in milder weather. The result is that optimum start thermostats could cause higher or lower energy use and do not fall into the same category as delayed start thermostats when calculating SAP.